The Therapeutic Alliance

The Therapeutic Alliance: The Therapist/Client Partnership

The therapeutic alliance is the accepting, supportive emotional bond that forms between you and your therapist as you work together.  It is the foundation of psychotherapy and the most important element in your counselling success.  The therapeutic alliance develops naturally as you increasingly feel more open and comfortable speaking with your therapist about your private difficulties and as he or she actively helps you in your shared journey toward beneficial change and positive growth.

You and Your CFCS Therapist

At CFCS, the therapeutic alliance between you and your therapist is established upon your mutual rights and responsibilities, as clearly defined below:

As a client, it is your right:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity at all times;
  • To receive counselling services sensitive to your ability, age, class, culture, gender, and religious beliefs;
  • To be fully informed of CFCS policies, programs, and conditions of service that may affect your counselling process;
  • To know your therapist’s professional qualifications and his or her treatment approach to your counselling;
  • To ask questions;
  • To decide what to tell your therapist;
  • To expect that all information concerning you and your counselling is confidential within the Legal and Regulatory Limits to Confidentiality;
  • To choose to allow or disallow the audio or video recording of your counselling sessions (for your therapist’s clinical supervision only);
  • To submit a written request for and receive (in accordance with CFCS release procedures) a copy of your client record and to add and/or correct factual information by submitting a written note to be attached to your client record;
  • To lodge and/or appeal a complaint regarding the professional conduct of your therapist with CFCS and/or the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO); and
  • To discontinue counselling whenever it seems right for you to do so.

As a client, it is your responsibility:

  • To treat CFCS staff and other clients with respect and dignity at all times;
  • To report any changes in your contact information;
  • To confirm or cancel your scheduled counselling sessions by 12:00 PM noon of the previous business day (in accordance with our appointment cancellation policy);
  • To pay your counselling session fee prior to each counselling session; and
  • To actively participate in your counselling process.

It is your therapist’s responsibility:

  • To treat you with respect and dignity at all times;
  • To explain counselling to you, including any possible risks;
  • To explain his or her therapeutic approach and scheduling availability; and
  • To acknowledge his or her professional limitations by referring you to another helping professional if necessary.